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The Secret Strategies That Mark Anastasi Was Taught By The "Original" Laptop Millionaire

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If you have read Mark Anastasi's story, you will know that his first break with internet marketing was selling his own ebook. And that incredibly, he went from broke and homeless to earning $10,000 a month, in the FIRST MONTH from that one ebook!

I have met Mark several times, and every time I see him speak, listening to him reminds me of how simple his strategy to take him out of the gutter actually was!

And to help you understand EXACTLY what he did - we have summarised his teachings in a brand new Ebook.

We have put together a special report that details exactly how Mark achieved that, and reveals the tips and tactics that his mentor, The Laptop Millionaire, taught him. Strategies that he still employs to this day, in order to maintain the remarkable level of income that he continues to generate. This report is based on the information taught in our Home Study DVD Course, The Laptop Apprentice. For more details of that offer please see below.

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How Mark Started Earning Online

How Mark Anastasi went from broke and homeless to $10k a month by creating and selling his own eBook, and how you can do the same!

Fast Track Tips For Making Your Product

Discover exactly how Mark Anastasi made his first Ebook. Learn tips, strategies and tactics to fast track your online career, and start making money.

5 Killer Strategies To Use Now

We reveal five killer strategies that Mark recommends in order to fast track your product creation, and get your product online ASAP!

Turn Your Ebook Into a $4,000 Product

We reveal NINE strategies that you can use to transform your Ebook into a $4,000 (or more) product, just as Mark and his student have.

Getting Yourself Online

Now you have your first product, we show you how to get yourself online.  Tips on registering your domain name, hosting it, and producing your first website!

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