In one of Mark Anastasi’s recent emails he mentioned a blog post by Darnell Jackson, an internet marketing consultant, where he listed 10 reasons why you might not make it online. I thought I’d take a look at them now for you, to see if there are any responses that I can give that might make sense, and give you a heads up.   1. You think you have to be a perfect writer. Hmm. I like this.  Being a perfectionist can be one of the biggest things to hold you back when it comes to making money online. The thing is you need to take action.  If you don’t take action you can’t ever dream of making any money on the internet.  And spending weeks, months and even years getting the perfect product or website, the best converting sales page etc, will only delay your chances of making some money online. 2 – You think you need to learn EVERYTHING before you start. Know some stuff and then get started!  You DO NOT need to know everything.  But some sound advice is to find someone who has already had success doing what you want to do, and then copy them! 3 – You think you need everything to be timed right. Just do it!  Timing can help, but waiting forever for the perfect moment is just going to stop the cash rolling into your account. 4 – You think you can do it all alone. They all say get a mentor, but you know what?  A mentor can be expensive.  I’d say get started on some of our DVD Home Study Courses and have personal mentors in your home at a fraction of the cost.  But then I would say that! 😉 5 – You think you can make MONEY without spending MONEY. Difficult.  You do need to spend on some essentials if you really want to crack it as an internet marketer. 6 – You listen to everything your GURU says and they’re a schmuck. Make sure the advice you follow is from someone who has REALLY done what they say they have done.  Someone like Mark Anastasi, who’s story is honest, real and not stuffed with hype. 7 – You really DON’T want to help people. Help people.  That’s the key!  How else do you think you can make money?  You need to itch people’s scratches!  Solve their problems.  Provide value and get rewarded for it. 8 – You chose to blog about blogging. Err. Right.  Maybe not! 😉 9 – You LOVE the TV. Switch off the TV!  Spend your evenings moving closer to your goals.  You will thank yourself, and you really won’t miss much! 10 – You have NO strategy. Sounds like a pug, but any of our DVD sets will help you to get a clear strategy.  Without a map, you will not find where you want to go. Well that’s my take on it. Hope that helped. Max   Read the full blog post here:  10 Reasons Why You May Never Make It Online