When you start looking into internet marketing you no doubt read that you need to work on the latest tips and strategies for optimising your website, and getting it to the top of Google. Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and who knows what comes next, will all be mentioned. But to be honest, what counts these days is good quality content, and a human touch. Be yourself, and use content about yourself in what you write. And using video is a great way to not only add your personality to your site, but to get better rankings with Google. Google loves media rich content like video, and it also gives your users a chance to get to know you better. You might also want to consider upping your game, and writing useful and valuable content on other blogs and websites, so other internet users get to see your name and comments pop up in a variety of places. Make sure you are well connected on Facebook and Twitter. Build your following, and begin to tie up your sites and social networks so the is a seamless transition for anyone wanting to ‘look you up’. Jump in on forums and offer good quality and advice when you see a post that you think you are qualified to respond to. That’s a great way to begin to establish yourself as an authority. Being yourself can be so much easier than trying to make out your are something your’re not. The honesty of your content will shine through.