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    Internet Marketing DVDs

    The Laptop Millionaire’s Apprentice

    This is NOT a monthly fee.  This is a one off investment in an exclusive Home Study DVD Set called the Laptop Apprentice.

    This exclusive home study course takes you by the hand, and teaches you how to replicate the success of the man himself, Mr Mark Anastasi.

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    And you can pause, rewind and play whenever you need to, to make sure you are completely ready to take the knowledge you will learn and apply it online immediately.

    On disc 1 you will learn Mark’s story.  How he started, and how he transformed his life forever in the space of a month!

    On the next disc you will be shown how you can make $5,000 or more per month by harnessing the power of Twitter.  Mark goes into great detail to teach you exactly how he and his students have made a small fortune simply by using Twitter.

    Then you will learn the power of Facebook, and how Mark and his friends have secretly been building an incredible monthly income by tapping in to this huge social media giant.

    You will also learn the secrets behind list building and lead generation.  This is such a powerful subject, and will be the foundation of your internet business, ensuring your income is secure for years to come.

    And finally, Mark reveals exactly how he made that dramatic turnaround in his life, and started generating $10,000 per month within just 30 days, from selling eBooks!

    Total time for the set 7h 43 mins!

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    Passive Profit PowerBonus DVD #1

    Passive Profit Power

    On Passive Profit Power Mark Anastasi concentrates on the strategies he uses to generate regular, recurring incomes that flow in, month in month out, on virtual auto pilot.

    As with all of Mark’s tuition, nothing is left to chance in this DVD. Passive income is really the dream life of internet marketers, because you are literally watching the money come in each week without you actively working in your business.

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    Social Media MasterclassBonus DVD #2

    Social Media Masterclass – Mili Ponce

    Go ahead and take me up on this offer today and I will throw in a copy of our  SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERCLASS DVD featuring Mili Ponce, known as the Twitter Queen!  In this DVD Mili reveals EXACTLY how she began (having been a shelf stacker at the supermarket before), and EXACTLY what you have to do in order to follow her success.

    She holds nothing back in this workshop, and everything is presented step by step for you to easily replicate.

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