With the way the weather has been so far this year, any business that relies on warmer weather to prosper would have been disappointed to say the least. But guess what?  If you are making your money from the internet, the globe is your audience, and if you are selling information products, it shouldn’t be too affected by the seasons. And when it’s cold in the UK, it’ always hot somewhere else (and vice versa to a certain extent). This is just another reason why becoming an internet entrepreneur is the way forward for so many.  You can operate your business from anywhere in the world with no more than a laptop and an internet connection.  And as time goes by, the internet is spreading further and further across the globe, so accessing that internet connection need not be the headache it was years ago. Technology is a wonderful thing.  Use it, embrace it, and put it to work for you. We are adding more DVD Home Study courses to the site at the moment, so please take a moment to browse through what we have available, as any one of these video courses could be the start that you need to get yourself earning money online.