So often we read about internet marketers who are making almost ludicrous amounts of money online, and then see videos that promise to reveal the secrets behind those earnings. How often do you think real people who buy these jumped up courses, actually make the same kind of money? The sad thing is there are so many people out there who dream of making the fortunes from the internet, and get caught up in the hype.  They buy the latest thing, go through some of the training (note I say ‘some’) and don’t make a penny, let alone 100k a year. What is the issues here? Is it because they didn’t finish the training?  Well, yes, that could very well be the case.  But it’s far more likely  that the idea behind the course they bought does work, but rarely on the kind of scale that the sales person on the video depicts. Now there is a thing! Often, the Clickbank earnings that you will see posted on these long sales pages are boosted by the sales of the product that is selling the ‘how to’, not just the results of the ‘secret’ that they are about to reveal to you. Does that make sense?  In other words, ‘How To Crack The Internet With A Sledgehammer And Make $10,000 a Month’ which sold at say $37.00, shows you how to actually carry out some tasks that might in fact make you $20 to $50 a month if you follow the whole course all the way through. The vendor sells 100 copies in a week, and his Clickbank account shows a handsome $3,700 in earnings.  But his actual earnings from the system he is selling?  Who knows?  $50 that week? But, look at this from another angle.  If you can find something that really does make money online, wouldn’t you be happy to bring in an extra £100 a month?  Pays for something right?  So if you could consistently do that, can you scale it up?  If it was a website that made that money, could you make another 9 of them and increase your earnings to £1,000 a month? You see every little penny helps. I am often reminded of this when I go to the supermarket.  I put carefully chosen, good value items in my basket, convinced all along that I am only spending a small amount of money, and the you get to the checkout and boooomb! “£89.67 please.” The pennies all add up. The moral of my story is, don’t go seeking the opportunities that promise to make you 6 figures a month.  Check out genuine consistent ways to make small amounts of regular money, and then scale it up. A great way to get started is to invest a modest amount of money in one of our Home Study Internet Marketing DVD Courses. Take a look at and read about Mark Anastasi’s story. In the DVD’s included in this starter set, you can pick up some crucial tips and strategies to begin your own internet marketing business, and start earning some real money online that you can scale up.