Without a doubt, there is one way to seriously fast track your internet business, as that is do to exactly what the Laptop Milionaire himself, Mark Anastasi did when he was learning the ropes of internet marketing, and that is get a mentor.

However, if you look around, the kind of mentor that you need will be extremely costly, and could indeed be out of your reach.

That is where our DVD sets are a lifeline for you and your online business.  Our home study DVD sets enable you to take Mark Anastasi and his colleagues and mentors, right into your home and have the mentor you as little or often as you like, as you work your way through the course.

Take Passive Profit Power for example.  An awesome DVD set that has not only Mark, but his chosen specialists taking you through, step by step exactly how they have built recurring, regular and passive incomes online, on the internet, and often in a very short period of time.

So if a real one on one mentor is out of your reach financially a the moment, get the next best thing, a home study DVD course.