Hi all! Just a quick note to let you know that I have managed to talk my mentor, Fergal Downes, into opening up his coaching programme for the weekend! So if you missed out before, this is your opportunity to get onboard! Perhaps you dream of going to bed, then waking up, checking your JVZoo account, your PayPal account, your Warrior Plus account, etc, and seeing more money has been deposited in to them overnight? I can tell you, whatever the amount, that is always a lovely feeling! Well, since joining Fergal’s coaching programme, I have so much more direction.  A clear plan.  A plan that spans months, then years.  And as I was telling my wife last night (as we enjoyed a bottle of St Emillion Grand Cru by the firepit on the rattan sofas in the garden), what Fergal is teaching me is NOT what I would have been doing.  No way.  I fact it almost seems counter intuitive….until the penny drops and you have that aha moment 🙂 Fergal is teaching me what he would do, if he had to start again, right now, from scratch! Now that is what really excites me! Fergal is out there doing it.  Right now.  Making consistent money online.  Travelling the world, and truly living the internet marketer’s dream. Who better to learn from? This kind of coaching would usually cost anything from $400 per month to multiple thousands per month.  And to be honest, the time will come where Fergal will simply stop offering it I would imagine.  Or put his rate up to something that is more representative of the amazing value that you get.  This offer is like paying one month and getting the rest of it for FREE! Don’t get me wrong, YOU have to do the work.  Nobody is going to make this happen but you. So, I asked Fergal this week, if I could talk him into letting a few more of MY subscribers into his coaching.  Fortunately he agreed! But as always, this is not an open ended invitation that you can dwell on and come back to in a few weeks. Fergal’s coaching is ONLY available to MY SUBSCRIBERS from NOW until Monday 14 September at 11am ET (I think that’s 15:00 in the UK) So if you were on the fence last time I sent you some emails about this, and then had feelings of regret once the deadline past, this is your moment!  This is your opportunity to make a REAL change, a GENUINE change in your life and STEP UP! Success doesn’t come to you – YOU have to make it happen.  And with a mentor who knows exactly what he’s doing, and is prepared to share his knowledge with you, you have EVERY CHANCE OF SUCCESS! Do me a favour,  watch Fergal’s short video at http://www.clkmg.com/blib/fergalcoachingpost and then have a really serious think about where you want to go with your internet marketing business. If you honestly would like to make some extra money online, or a second income, or even enough money to support you and even leave your day job, give this some serious consideration. As always, I am here if you have any questions! Finally, I have quite a few things that I want to share with you, so keep your eye out for more from me 😉 Enjoy your Saturday. All the best Trevor London, UK