Even today, the internet is a mystery to many people. OK, most people understand the basic concept of how the web works or at least how we can use it.  But one area which continues to elude many people is how to make money online.  Many people don't believe it's possible, whereas at the other end of the scale some people think it's really easy to make money on the internet.

To be frank, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. The most important thing to consider when starting an online business is that just because it's online it doesn't mean that the fundementals of business ideas go out of the window.
Here are some tips on setting up your internet business:
1/ Make sure that you are ready to start your business.  Internet businesses, contrary to common belief, are not 'get rich quick' solutions.  You will need to commit time, and work hard in order to become a success.
2/ Consider havig a work schedule.  If you are working from home there are many distractions.  Too 
many in fact.  Make sure you are disciplined with your time, and set aside a certain amount of time 
allocated to your business each day.
3/ Choose a niche to start your internet business in. Who are you going to sell to?  What are you 
going to sell?  Will it be products and if so, physical or digital?  Or a service?  How will you 
deliver your products / services?  Is your niche something you have personal knowledge of?  Does it 
excite you?
4/ Start letting the world know that your business is out there and ready to start serving it's customers! Research into how Google has changed over the last year or so, and even over the last few months.  Become an expert on what is necessary to get your site to the top of the results for your keywords.
And don't discount Pay Per Click.  YOu can spend a small fortune on it, but if you earn a slightly larger fortune from it, who are you to complain?