If you've been doing your homework with regards to internet marketing and making money online, you will have heard many times that you have to get a mentor if you really want to succeed.

I strongly agree with this.

There is no area of expertise in life that you will come across that cannot be fast tracked with the of a mentor.  If someone has already achieved success in something that you are very keen to achieve success in, you will do it A LOT quicker if you have a mentor.

Over the years I have listened to a lot of audio CD's.  Read books.  Watched videos.  And the common theme that comes through is that you should always seek someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and then replicate what they have done.

Tony Robbins says this a lot.  I walked on hot coals with Tony Robbins twice, and am a great fan of his work, and he always advises that you find someone who has already achieved what you seek.

I am a black belt in Karate.  Now let me tell you, there is no way I could have achieved that without my mentor…my Sensei.  It would have been totally impossible.

I have also invested in many coaching programmes, DVD training courses, audio training courses and online training courses.  You can't get too much education when it comes to achieving what you REALLY want to achieve.  These DVD sets that we sell are an awesome foundation for learning much more than the basics of building an online business and becoming an internet marketer.

I sell them…..but more importantly I USE THEM!

And I suppose really I should post some reviews on them too.  They would all be positive of course! 🙂  But that is because they are full of excellent material.  

Mark Anastasi is one of my mentors.  He mentors me via these DVD sets, as well as by me attending his workshops.

Alex Jeffreys is one of my mentors.  He mentors me via online mentoring material.  

And these two mentors alone, bang on about the importance of having a mentor!  And guess what?  They are both hugely successful internet marketers.

It's not exactly rocket science! 🙂

My recommendation?  Get a DVD set and get started.

Good luck.