In his blog post today, Mark Anastasi talked of how he was so financially challenged back in 2003 that he had to sell his TV and video player.

Possibly a lot of us can relate to times like that, as desperate as they sound.  But you know, there is always something good to be found from something you perceive as bad.

Napoleon Hill said "Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit."

Now that is a powerful statement, and rather a bold one, but think carefully for a moment.  Are there times that you can recall, that at the time seemed so difficult, yet as a result of that thing you have gained something that is more precious in your life?

When Mark sold his TV and video he was just embarking on his new internet career.  A career that has netted him literally millions since.

He says he didn't actually own a TV again until 2008.  So that's 5 years of TV freedom!  Imagine how much work on your internet business you could get done if you had say 3 hours free a night for 5 years!  Would t hat make a difference?

Consider that for a minute.

Could you start, and build a successful business if you had a couple of hours, say 5 times a week? Yes!

Yes is most definitely the answer.  Try it.  Tonight, grab your laptop, and work in front of the TV.  You don't have to turn it off, or work in another room.  Just don't give it your undivided attention.  The undivided attention needs to be given to your new business!

For a brilliant introduction to how Mark got started, check out The Laptop Apprentice at