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Click Here Now to Grab Instant Commission Profits at the Best Price & ALL of the Mega Bonuses! “Please don’t do this…” That’s what I said after checking the review copy of Instant Commission Profits that’s launched today…lol 🙂 Idrees, Srijan and Mosh have done it again.  Shown the rest of the internet marketers out there just how much value should be delivered for under $7.00! This is not just another course.  It’s a live recording of a case study on making money from scratch. And what’s more, they use free traffic to do it. I’m so, so pleased they are giving this away for under $7 as it means so many more people can afford to jump on board and give this a go. Although this course will make you money guaranteed…(if you take action)… They only show you one traffic source. But I would like to help you with that. I would like to offer you 10 x the value when you buy through my link: No one taught me how to do this… I believed it was possible, I tried and BOOM…!!! You can do it too… any newbie can do.. But not without the tools I’m about to give you… “I’ll post 10 unique articles on your blog everyday for free and drive viral traffic using my hashtag viral traffic app for 2 weeks. In return, you have to share my fiverr gig on your facebook group pinned post for 2 weeks.” This was the offer I made to the owner of a big facebook group. The job took me 10 minutes each day using- 1. My text spinner plugin (I’ll give that to you as Bonus-1) and 2. Social Backlink Creator Plugin (I’ll give you to you as Bonus-2) But in return, I sold 300+ fiverr gigs from that group only in 15 days. Do you know what I sold in the fiverr gig? I sold a package of courses … here is the list 1. List building course (I’ll give that to you as Bonus-3) 2. Shopify course (I’ll give that to you as Bonus-4) 3. Traffic generation course (I’ll give that to you as Bonus-5) 4. Linkedin marketing course (I’ll give that to you as Bonus-6) 5. Membership course (I’ll give that to you as Bonus-7) No extra work. Just get sales and deliver the download links of the files 🙂 I still get sales of that gig on auto pilot. You know how? The group members shared the gig on their time line giving me more exposure… That’s viral marketing. And if you buy Instant Commission Profits course using my link, you get all the above bonuses as my bonus to you. But that’s not all, I’ll give you a special course on viral marketing- “Viral Marketing Course” (My elite Bonus-8) If marketing was free, sales would be free and money would be free…right? And it’s only possible when the viral marketing is done right. There has been no good guide in the market so good as this Viral Marketing course. So, basically after learning viral marketing, you are able to sell the anything using this free marketing technique. BUT IN CASE YOU ARE VERY SERIOUS AND WANT TO MAKE 3X TO 7X MORE MONEY, PURCHASE 1 OTO AFTER PURCHASING THE FRONT END AND YOU’LL GET BELOW INSANE BONUSES FROM ME- BONUS-1 FOR 1 OTO BUYERS ======================== Ecommerce and Affiliate Automation Plugin With these plugin not only you can build any kind of store in minutes. But also can drive traffic from 30+ high traffic sources. I’m going to launch this plugin on December, 2016 and the minimum price will be $97. WITH THIS PLUGIN, YOU MAKE MONEY WTHOUT YOUR OWN PRODUCT, WITHOHT EXPERIENCE AND WITHOUHT TRAFFIC. BONUS-2 FOR 1 OTO BUYERS ======================== WP AUTORESPONDER PLUGIN You got traffic and you got a list building course. But now I’m gonna give you a plugin that’ll turn your wordpress site into your personal autoresponder. With this plugin in hand, you’ll never have to pay high monthly fees to autoresponder services like aweber and getresponse. BONUS-3 FOR 1 OTO BUYERS ======================== WORLD’S #1 DRAG AND DROP WORDPRESS PLUGIN To get better result with adsense, you need a website builder that can place adsense ads in the right place. The places that gets more clicks and makes you more money. I’ll give you a wordpress theme that’ll give you full freedom to place your ads wherever you want. BONUS-4 FOR 1 OTO BUYERS ======================== A course on how to build your local video empire. With this course you’ll learn how to support local businesses and build a complete local business around videos. BONUS-5 FOR 1 OTO BUYERS ======================== Video site Builder plugin with what you’ll be able to build video sharing sites in matter of seconds and drive traffic from 20+ high traffic sites on complete autopilot… Trust me, there is no other plugin in the market can do what this one can. IF YOU PURCHASE 2 OTOS after purchasing the Front End offer, you’ll get complete ready to launch software business setup PREMIUM BONUS-1 FOR 2 OTO BUYERS ================================ Your personal cloud based software with whitelabel rights! Email and SMS marketing script. Install this script on your server follwing the easy follow tutorial and you’ll be able to offer email and sms marketing to anyone online and offline just like aweber and getresponse. You’ll also get complete white label rights. PREMIUM BONUS-2 FOR 2 OTO BUYERS ================================ Pinterest Traffic Automation using cloudbased app as powerful as legendary Pindrill. I’ll give you a user account through which you’ll be able to dominate pinterest traffic through this cloud based app. PREMIUM BONUS-3 FOR 2 OTO BUYERS ================================ Email Scraper script. You’ll get whitelabel rights to the script. You can use it to scrape emails from literally any website on the planet, use them for marketing and also offer cloud based services to online and offline clients. with this we are daily getting 100s of email to market to. Both online and offline. Affiliate marketing has never been so easy. We’ll give you the script and training of our email scraper. ====================== HOW TO CLAIM BONUSES ====================== Please forward the purchase receipt to with BONUS CLAIM INSTANT as the subject line and I’ll personally forward you the access links. Please mention product name in the email. Kindly be patient while we upload the bonuses on the cloud and share the download links with you. It may take up to 48 to 72 hours.