The fact that you are on this page, and reading this very sentence tells me you have an interest in finding out what really works when it comes to internet marketing. And that’s great news, because as the owner of this website, and am 100% proud of the products that we sell, and honoured to have the opportunity to promote some high quality video tutorial DVDs that deliver, time and time again.  Our Internet Marketing DVDs offer a genuine training solution to both the beginner, the intermediate and the expert internet marketer. It probably won’t come as any surprise to you to learn that I myself have a keen interest in internet marketing.  Why else would I have gone into this business, built a website, and compiled a solution for people to learn how to make money online if it didn’t appeal to me? But believe me when I tell you that I know just how difficult it is to find GENUINE information, factual tuition, and honest strategies to teach you how to generate an income online.  I guess we’ve all been there.  We read the powerful sales copy about some guy who just made X amount online the last 5 days, and who is going to show you exactly how he did it.  We pay our money, get the info, and after 30 minutes or so we realise it’s not all it was cracked up to be. There’s nothing worse than scouring the internet for the solution to your problems, only to find what appears to be your ‘internet saviour’, and then finding out that what you’ve just laid out your hard earned cash for is only going to make the seller richer, and not you! Well I’m here to tell you that I can relieve your headache, with a rock solid solution! There’s no need to struggle trying to make money online any more. No, I’m not going to fill this page with a lot of hype, but what I am going to do is attempt to relay my feelings and beliefs to you, in order for you to make what I would consider a very sensible decision. It's me! Why should you listen to me?  Good question! I have been on the internet since the late 90’s, and I’ve been involved in internet marketing since around 2001. I’ve tried my fair share of ‘shiny objects’ in my time, and rarely have I come across anything that I feel really ticks all the boxes and shows me what I actually have to do in order to start making an income from the web…UNTIL I DISCOVERED MARK ANASTASI (and friends!). I attended one of Mark’s seminars (very similar to the seminars we have on here on DVD), and took a couple of friends along. For the first session, I watched, listened, and made notes.  I left my notebook on my chair and my friends and I left the seminar room at the first break, stretched our legs, got a coffee, and had a chat about what we’d seen so far.  Nothing life changing we agreed, but very interesting none the less.  After all, we’d only been in there for a couple of hours and this was a 4 day event! 🙂 But something changed shortly after that… The next time we left the room for our ‘comfort break’, I took my notebook with me.  So did my friends, John and Dave (real names ;-)). Can you guess what had changed?

The contents of our notebooks!

We had all made notes that now had a very genuine perceived value.  Notes that we were now almost ‘guarding’.  I remember saying to John and Dave, “This book is now WORTH MONEY!  The contents of this book ARE GOING TO MAKE ME MONEY!”. I meant it.  I knew it.  And I wasn’t wrong. The Book In fact, here’s a little nugget for you!  That very book is here with me now, as I type this, and it is helping me to put this ‘sales page’ together! And as I was typing this I took a shot of it on my desk, edited it on my iPhone to make it look arty farty, then emailed it to myself and plonked it on this page!  Just thought you might like to see ‘the book’! Now I don’t want to give the impression that this is all about me.  Absolutely not.  But I do want you to have some faith in me I guess.  A reason to believe me over all the other hype that you read on the internet, selling you a pile of **** that you really could do without. I attended that seminar at the end of last year. At the beginning of this year, my wife and I decided that, having been ‘carless’ for 10 months, our first goal should be to get me some wheels. My car had died on the M25 one wet, grey. miserable Monday morning.  I was already late for the bank manager, as well as the mechanic who was going to attempt to fix the electrics on my ageing S-Type Jaguar.  I didn’t make to either meeting that day, but spent a couple of hours in the rain on the side of the motorway waiting to be recovered. I emailed Mark Anastasi from my phone, on the side of the M25, having just read one of his emails… “Hi Mark, I just read this from the side of the m25 where I broke down an hour and a half ago. It’s grey, wet, noisy and pretty dangerous, but I am still so grateful for everything I gave in my life. I am blessed.” Mark replied “Thank you Trevor!  Awesome!  I hope your car is ok and you got home ok…?” My New Wheels! Why am I telling you this? Because it’s all part of the story.  I broke down in July, went to see Mark’s seminar in September, and as I mentioned above my wife and I decided that goal #1 from our new internet business should be some wheels for me.  Which we did!  And here is a pic of my new wheels!  Not to show off, just to give you some proof that there is some substance to me, and what I am saying.  I’ve blurred the number plate (because that’s what ‘they’ do ;-)) but I left the 13 to show it is really brand spanking new.  And ALL paid for by our internet business. And the main reasons that I have managed to be successful is down to these DVD Home Study Courses Clearly, I have one huge benefit owning – I get to watch, digest, consume and act upon all the priceless information in every set. As the author of The Laptop Millionaire book, there is nobody more qualified than Mark Anastasi himself to explain and demonstrate to you exactly how to make money online.  And the home study DVD sets that we offer are jammed packed with quality material that will fast track your internet career. I watch these DVD’s on my laptop at night, in front of the TV, headphones in.  Much more productive than most of the stuff on the television!  And I watch them in the kitchen on our DVD player when I’m cooking.  And I also listen to them in my stunning, fully loaded Mitsubishi Barbarian, which has it’s own built in DVD player! So you see, I VALUE my products.  I USE my products.  I BENEFIT from my products. I can’t sell anything unless I believe in it.  You ask anyone who knows me! But you DO NOT NEED all of the DVD sets to get started making money! You can start with just one set – and you will find yourself presented with MORE GENUINE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE than you’ve ever seen from any other product you’ve ever invested in!  I’d almost guarantee that, but it is of course down to personal opinion, interpretation, likes and dislikes.  But I believe it to be true. Why not take some action right now?  Make a change in your life immediately. Take a look at The Laptop Apprentice Home Study DVD set – it will change your life forever. The Laptop Apprentice Home Study DVD Set Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.  I hope I have helped to explain what this site is all about, and my passion for helping others achieve internet success. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, using the Contact Us page, or comment below. All the best Trevor Trevor London, UK