It’s been a strange day…(Paul Nicholls 24 Hour Traffic Machine Review)



It’s been a strange day for me today. A bright sunny day in the UK.  But my day kicked off with a funeral. My aunt Hannah, God bless her, and may she rest in eternal peace. It was a small turn out.   Sad to think you can spend 95 years on this planet, yet when your passing comes you have just a handful of people to pay their respects. It got me thinking. I was deep in thought in the chapel. The big question “What is it all about?” So I went back to the office.  Back to my desk.  A little ‘numb’. I fired up the laptop and logged into what I affectionately know as FaceAche.  You may know this as Facebook. The first thing I saw was a post from a friend of mine, Paul Nicholls. He was saying how he had sold 200 of his latest product, but this was from sending the offer to his own list.  Without the usual support of other internet marketers.  This got my attention. So I immediately got my hands on a copy of this product. And now, my subject line “FACT: I have spent over $400,000 on Pay Per Click – and I am not kidding” enters the stage. You see, I have been advertising online for some time now.  And during that time I have spent in excess of $400,000.  I can prove it. So when I started watching Paul’s training, I was already ‘seasoned’ to what he was teaching. However – Paul is not good at Pay Per Click. No.  He is quite simply amazing. The trouble is, when I review a product that flat out works (and you already know this), I get wrapped up in the teaching and start applying it to my own business. And to be honest, with the day I’ve had today, I am 100% chuffed that for whatever reason I fired up my laptop and hit FaceAche at the very moment I did, so that I was presented with Paul’s post. Thank you Paul. (He doesn’t know my gratitude yet, lol). The fact is this.  If you can master pay per click, you can master your destiny. Do you think I would have spent $400k if it wasn’t bringing me a return? No!  How could I have afforded to?  PPC is the route to wealth.  But you MUST know what your doing. PAUL WILL TEACH YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!  (Ooops, was I shouting?) Anyway, enough of my ‘end of day’ rambles. I recorded a video for you {!firstname_fix}. You will see me in my ‘funeral shirt and tie’. I would like you to watch my video, then secure your copy of Paul’s excellent addition to your ‘premium library’, which at the time of me writing this will cost you a mere $7.68 I would then like you to raise a glass to my aunt Hannah, who’s funeral I attended today.  She was something else. If you could reply to this email to confirm you have at least raised a glass, that would be awesome. So, what is “it” all about? For me, every day now, more and more, it’s about me helping YOU to make money online. That is my passion. That is my life goal. I am now earning daily commissions, from part time work.  That little extra that we yearn for.  And it feels so good. But I want you to join me. All the best Trevor


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