Mark Anastasi Seminars

Why wait for the next Mark Anastasi seminar, when you can bring the seminar into your own home? Our home study DVD video courses are the ideal way to fast track your internet marketing education, but at your own pace. We’re not saying you shouldn’t bother going to the next seminar.  Oh no!  We thoroughly recommend that too.  Mark’s seminars are valuable beyond measure.  However, we are offering you the opportunity to bring The Laptop Millionaire into your home, and absorb all of the essential informaiton on our DVD video sets in your own time. Plus, if you missed something at a seminar, you won’t miss it with a DVD set. You can pause, play, pause, rewind.  You choose.  Stop the video, take some notes, have a ponder. Why not check out our special offer, The Six Figure System, which at the monent is only £24.97 for the entire set of 5 DVD’s. For more information please go to