If you’ve ever seen Mark Anastasi speak, you will know that he is committed to passing on the experiences that he has had, for the good of others. It’s really refreshing to see this guy, author of the number 1 New York Times best seller, The Laptop Millionaire, genuinely sharing the knowledge that he has about making money online, in the hope that other ‘normal’ people like us will be able to implement his system and ultimately replicate his success. When you read his story (see http://www.laptopapprentice.com/ for Mark Anastasi’s story), you can appreciate that he really did start from scratch.  No previous knowledge whatsoever in the internet marketing industry, his last job was as a security guard, earning the minimum wage.  Yet he went on to pull in literally millions, working solely on his laptop. The laptop is a brilliant invention.  Tablets are great, but the laptop gives you your office on the move.  I’ve taken mine all over the world with me, and no matter where I am, the familiarity of my trusty laptop never fails to create that ‘home from home’ effect, when it comes to my home business. I’ve seen Mark speak live several times, and he has often referred to his laptop as the source of all of his wealth. The seminars that Mark has been hosting over recent years have all been aimed at teaching as many people as he can, how to become the next Laptop Millionaire.  But don’t worry if you think you might have missed out by not getting to them.  He recorded them!  And we have them as home study DVD sets for you to learn at your own pace.