So, you want to make your money online? The fact that you are reading this post, you are possibly aware of Mark Anastasi, and his various products, and of course his very impressive internet marketing success. Mark is a true rags to riches story that makes most of us sit up and take notice.  He has achieved what many of us dream of achieving.  Quick, and sizeable internet business success, by leveraging the power of the internet. But what really sets Mark aside from the many ‘gurus’ out there, is he has a genuine, honest desire to share the knowledge that he has gained, and help as many people to achieve similar results as possible.  And to enable him to do that, he has recorded many of his training workshops that he has carried out over the past few years, and produced many professional quality DVD sets. The beauty of  working from DVD’s is that you can in essence attend the same seminar or workshop over and over again.  Speaking from experience I know how much of a difference this can make to how much you take in too.  If you go to the live event, yes you are engaged, and yes you will probably take some action, but having the event at your finger tips with the ability to pause and think, re-wind and contemplate…priceless! Over the next few weeks we will be adding more home study DVD sets to our library, for sale at great prices, so be sure to bookmark our site and come back regularly.