When you think about an internet business, you might first think that it is going to be something that generates you money solely from online activities.

In other words, that visitors to your site will come along, see something they like, then pay for it and either download it, or gain access to it, depending on what the product or service is.

Of course this is exactly what happens A LOT of the time.  But don't think that this is the only way that you can make money online.

There is still a hungry crowd looking for physical products, such as the DVD's that we sell.

There is certainly more perceived value in physical products, as the buyer can actually see the tangible results of their purchase.

They have parted with their hard earned cash, and in return they now have something else to 'hold'.  I guess that's a psychological thing, and it makes perfect sense.

So when you consider what you might want to do to get your new internet business off the ground, take a moment to consider physical products too.