As time goes by, Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more important when it comes to getting your internet marketing message out there. With the use of social media platforms, the barriers to entry have been removed, and even start up companies and businesses can reach the same audiences as the ‘big boys’.  It’s also become a more informal and exciting way of marketing, and you should definitely learn how to use it for the good of your business. Conversation is important, and with platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, that has now become possible.  Your customers can comment directly to you in an informal manner, and better still, you can respond. When you write a blog post, get in the habit of ‘alerting the media’!  There’s a phrase in the classic Dudley Moore film, Arthur, where his butler says “I’ll alert the media”, I love that ;-).  Well that’s what you need to do.  Write your blog post, and then follow a succession of steps. 1/ Ping it (for example at and 2/ Tweet it out! Tweet a message and a link directly to the blog post on your relevant Twitter account (I say relevant as you may have several) 3/ Post a message and direct link to the blog post on your Facebook account If you get into the habit of doing that, you are spreading your message a lot further than just writing a blog post. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this post as soon as I’ve finished it! A great way to increase your Twitter followers is to use  It’s free, and a very effective tool.  Try using the “Follow followers” tool.  This is perfect for getting targeted followers to your own account.  Simply find a Twitter account that has several thousand followers, and that is in the same niche as you, then enter their Twitter name in the box on Tweepi and start following the people who are following that particular person.  Be careful though, only follow about 30 a day, and make sure you unfollow those who don’t follow you back every now and then.