The Commission Machine 2016 Mega Bonus

Guys, this is your chance to get in on the action and discover exactly how internet marketing guru Michael Cheney generates huge, consistent commissions, day in, day out. I’ve promoted previous issues of this training before, so the name The Commission Machine is probably already familiar to you. the commission machine reviewToday is the launch of the revamped, updated Commission Machine 2016. Michael has gone in and revised, added, improved…which considering this was already a really good bit of training, is amazing for us internet marketers. I really love this training.  It is an incredible insight into the way Michael Cheney runs his business.  And what I really love is this IS NOT the same level of content that you’ll find elsewhere in the many courses that are released online virtually everyday.
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Michael Cheney has a very specific system for generating huge commissions on a daily basis.  It’s not like anything you’ve seen before.  It’s intelligent, complete, and comprehensive. In a nutshell, follow exactly what Michael says in the Commission Machine, and you will succeed.  Not overnight.  But with consistent effort, you will see success.
Using The Commission Machine 2016 you can get on the leader boards like me

Using The Commission Machine 2016 you can get on the leader boards like me

I have followed Michael’s training, and enjoyed some of that success.   In fact, I constantly return to his courses, and in particular this one, as a source of reference and to refresh my memory on the steps I should be taking in order to propel my affiliate marketing business. By following Michael’s training, even if you are a complete beginner, you can start to make real progress in the internet marketing industry.  And you’ll start seeing yourself show up on the leaderboards, along side the big boys 🙂 But this post isn’t just about this course, it’s about the HUGE ridiculous (I must be mad) bonus that I have put together for you if you buy through my link. So, here we go.  This is what you’ll get if you buy through my link…

The Laptop Millionaire – Commission Machine Bonus Bundle

The Big Commission Bootcamp

Bonus 1 – Big Commission Bootcamp

You will love this!  53 minutes of video training by the master himself, Michael Cheney.  Including…
  • The ancient Cookie Jar philosophy
  • The Field of Diamonds Strategy
  • How to attract “Super Buyers” without a list or website
  • The Pure Alchemy method
  • The Top Gear Process
  • The Dancing Skeleton

Bonus 2 – Six Figure Funnel Secrets

  • The number one reason that over 97% of internet marketers don’t actually make money, and how to fix that
  • What you shouldn’t EVER do in your sales funnel
  • How you can make easy money by using the “….loop”. Very easy!
  • How to generate extra cash from ‘dead leads’


affiliate millionsBonus 2 – Six Figure Funnel Secrets

Get ready to copy and paste this blueprint! Michael Cheney has made millions of dollars from affiliate marketing and in this video training you get to watch over his shoulder. You’ll make more commissions than 99% of the other internet marketers and earn cash, prizes, even holidays!      

commission black ops turbo 1My Exclusive Commission Black Ops Turbo Summary 1

In this video training I take you through the first few strategies from Michael Cheney’s recent smash hit, Commission Black Ops.  Summarising the strategies in record time so you can get cracking.          

commission black ops turbo 2My Exclusive Commission Black Ops Turbo Summary 2

Here is video 2 of my Turbo Summary of Commission Black Ops. Turbo is the word here, as I try to get through it in record time to save you having to spend too much time learning the priceless golden nuggets of information in this course!  

All of this and more!  But only if you buy through my link!


My Commission Machine Bonus Bonanza is ALL Bundled Into a Membership Site – and YOU Will Have FREE ACCESS…

Yes, the best thing about this mega bundle of Michael Cheney pure gold is that you have just ONE login to access all of the content (and more) above.  So you don’t feel overwhelmed.  You just login to your new member’s area and BOOM…. it’s all there for you.