The Laptop Apprentice VIP Upgrade

Hi there Congratulations on your purchase!  The Laptop Millionaire’s Apprentice is an inspiring set of DVD’s, with exclusive content that you will want to keep to yourself! As you probably already know, Mark Anastasi is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Laptop Millionaire. The book was written by Mark in an attempt to spread the word on how it really is achievable to not only earn a living online, but to create a better income than you might even believe is possible. The 5 DVD set you have received today is a selection of hand picked DVD’s from an even bigger set of 19 discs which retails at £397.00 + VAT + P&P. You have now got discs 1,2,3,5 and 8 of that set, which we feel give you a great introduction to Mark’s strategies and will enable you to actually get started putting his ideas into action. But no doubt when you’ve studied them, you will be left wanting more, as the content is like no other home study course we know of. Filmed ‘behind closed doors’ this is a workshop that was offered to Mark’s private students, and at a high ticket price.  Each disc is crammed with genuine strategies that you can apply in your own time, in order to start earning a living online. As a special offer, we have pulaptopapprenticefiverrt together a ‘sale’ price for the balance of the set, solely for our customers who have bought the 5 DVD course. Here’s just some of what is on the rest of the course: On Disc 6 Mark introduces you to the power of Fiverr, and how you can harness it to generate a regular income online.laptopapprenticeyoutube On Disc 9 he reveals his top tips for making money using You Tube

laptopapprenticeebooksOn Disc 13 Mark covers how he started with eBooks, and how you can do exactly the same

  There are 19 DVD’s in total in the entire Laptop Apprentice VIP Home Study Course, and you have already bought 5 of them. If you would like to discover every strategy that Mark has used to build his wealth, you should seriously consider investing in yourself, by upgrading to the VIP set. Upgrade now for just £175.00 including VAT & shipping.