Local Business Marketing Magic

The Local Business Marketing Magic Home Study DVD Course.

The Local Business Marketing Magic Home Study DVD Course

Discover right away how you can cash in on the internet using this comprehensive local business marketing course   Mark Anastasi – The Local Business Marketing Revolution Daniel Priestley – Personal Branding.  How you can become a person of influence Stuart Murray – How to cash in on mobile marketing Mike Cooch – How you can generate £80k per annum thanks to local business marketing Jody Underhill & Eric Kurit – Video!  How to successfully use it in your business and how to make a living from it  Jeff Schwerdt– Close sales, make more money – using a simple and proven system Alicia &LoretteLyttle –How to rake in the cash from local sites such as Groupon and Living Social Sam Bakker – How you can harness the power of Facebook to bring in a lazy £2639 a week!  Kevin Wilke – The Local Business Money Machine Armand Morin– The six ‘Local’ Income Streams You Can Implement Today to Generate Rapid Cash Mark Vurnum – Learn about Google Places and How You Can Generate An Income From It Steven Essa – JV (Joint Venture) yourself to £12k in an hour Simon Coulson – How to make £10k each month from businesses in your area Shawn Casey – How you can get on to the first page of Google in less than 10 minutes and get free web traffic for life!    

14 DVD Home Study Course

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