Passive Profit Power

Mark Anastasi Seminar DVD Home Study Course

  If you have spent any time learning about making money online, you will probably have come across the term ‘passive income’. Passive income is basically cash flowing in without you having to do too much ongoing work (after the initial work that you will have to do in order to set up the particular project you are working on). Think along the lines of mobile phone contract providers.  Most people sign up and keep on paying, month after month.  The work is done, but the income continues to flow.  Now imagine if you could sign customers up who would be more than willing to pay you a monthly amount for your service or information.  Passive Profit Power demonstrates how you can do exactly that. Not in the mobile phone industry, but online, in many different ways. The focus here is making regular money that you know will continue to flow in, month after month, will little extra effort on you part! If that sounds appealling….read on! Passive Profit Power is a 12 Disc DVD Home Study Course, filmed live at a London workshop, in which Mark Anastasi and friends reveal their top strategies for generating passive income. Watch as strategy after strategy is revealed on how you can get started immediately on your passive recurring profits, generated online, wherever you have access to your laptop (or PC!) and an internet connection.   Buy now and you can get the entire set at the discounted price of just £147.00  and we will ship the set to your door!  Passive Profit Power £147.00 (plus £2.75 P&P)