I know you do. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. My system is a combination of many things.  And pretty much all of the things that I do are included in the courses I’ve shared with you, in one way or another. Some days I make less than $50.  Some days I make way more. For something that I do at my kitchen table after work, I’m delighted with the results I get. So, as it’s Sunday I thought it was a great time to reflect on the week that has passed. Also a great time to make sure you didn’t miss something that could have made all the difference! Any one of the following could be a good fit for you. Any one of these could make you money this week 🙂 SUNDAY Last Sunday I told you I was working my way through Instant Commission Unlock. This is a great training course from Ayan, who is making a FULL time living doing exactly what he reveals in this course. My Video Review:  http://www.thelaptopmillionaire.net/instant-commission-unlock-review-and-bonuses This is a keeper for me.  So much information, and great to know that he recently quick his job to do this. MONDAY On Monday I had my Aunt Hannah’s funeral, God rest her soul.  A strange day for me.  And the day that I came across Paul Nichol’s Bing course. http://www.thelaptopmillionaire.net/street-smart-profits-review-2 A course that I have since finished, and am now applying 🙂 (I keep telling you to take action!) My Video Review:  http://www.thelaptopmillionaire.net/its-been-a-strange-day-paul-nicholls-24-hour-traffic-machine-review TUESDAY On Tuesday I brought you the new release from Stephen Gilbert (the man who takes no fake BS when it comes to products). Street Smart Profits is a true case study of another full time internet marketer, and is verified by Stephen himself. My Video Review: http://www.thelaptopmillionaire.net/street-smart-profits-review-bonuses-stephen-gilbert-and-crew WEDNESDAY On Wednesday I told you about one of my dear Dad’s sayings “There’s no taste in nothing”. And I recorded a SECOND video review for Street Smart Profits because I had been working through it (I keep telling you to take action), and I was very excited about the content. I Recommend you watch my 2nd review: http://www.thelaptopmillionaire.net/street-smart-profits-review-2 THURSDAY You didn’t hear from me Thursday.  My wife and I attended the monthly beekeeper’s meeting 🙂 FRIDAY On Friday I gave you a little taste of Simple Funnel Profits.  No review or bonuses…that came yesterday! SATURDAY Yesterday I recorded a review video and revealed my KILLER BONUS for Simple Funnel Profits. You also got a sneak peek inside one of my accounts to see how taking action really does pay off. Oh and if you look carefully, you get to see my bashed up head 😉  You’ll see how I did that in the video. My video review & bonuses: http://www.thelaptopmillionaire.net/simple-funnel-profits-review-bonuses Well, what a week! And I can see the coming week is going to be exciting too! What great times we live in.  We can get regular fresh training content for next to nothing (below $10), that actually works!