YouTube Tornado Traffic & Conversions!

youtube-tornado-logotransMy brand new audio training will show you EXACTLY what I do to not only increase traffic on my YouTube channel, but how I turn the visitors into BUYERS!


Who Else Wants To Know How I Convert My YouTube Visitors Into Eager Buyers?

Who Else Wants To Know The Secret Strategies That We Are Using To Turn Our Visitors Into Buyers?

Are you struggling to get your YouTube videos to convert to buyers? Or are you trying to drive YouTube traffic, but you just can't seem to get the traffic you desire?

Sales FunnelMaybe you're managing to get the leads, but you can't them working through your sales funnel?

Well, you're not on your own.  You know, it's actually quite easy to get traffic to your YouTube videos.  In fact, if you record an upload videos on subjects that people are searching for and get plenty of traffic.  The challenge though is converting them into BUYERS!

During the past six months, some of my clients have found it challenging to say the least, when it comes to driving a decent volume of YouTube traffic.

However, I have uncovered a unique and highly efficient conversion system, which I've specifically adapted for YouTube, and you know what? We're seeing great results!

You see - YouTube leads are a little different to other leads that you might generate online


For a start, they tend to be very qualified leads if they watch the EXACT VIDEO that matches their specific needs right there and then.

So, if you want to really take advantage of YouTube, you need to be creating a short video for every topic in your niche that your prospects could be searching for.

Are you trying to get traffic by making three to five pretty cool videos, getting a ton of leads (or maybe not!) but then losing cash on your YouTube campaign because those leads don't turn in to buyers? 

YouTube Traffic Conversions

To maximise your chances of conversion with YouTube leads, you've got to enter the conversation in their mind, and you need to get in there right after they arrive on YouTube and begin watching your video.

The next step is to implement my special 'landing page' system and One Time Offer process to build trust and get them to purchase from you.

And to be honest, get this wrong and you're leaving cash on the table!


So Here's What I Have For You!

youtube audio trainingI've just finished a BRAND NEW, never previously released YouTube audio training session that will show you precisely what you have to do to get a ton of YouTube traffic and more importantly to get that traffic to convert to sales.

This system isn't going to produce instant buyers from 'bad leads', but if you are sending highly targeted YouTube traffic (and I show you how to do that!), I will show you how to get them to part with their cash and buy what you're selling.

What I am going to show you in this training is how to understand the psychology of the conversion process, and specifically for YouTube videos.  If you don't get this right, you are literally throwing your cash away!

But as they say, THAT'S NOT ALL! 

I am also going to teach you....


  • What you need to do to target your YouTube traffic to get the most leads, with  the lowest spendyoutubelogo
  • Exactly what you need to put on your landing page in order to convert your YouTube traffic into targeted members of your list
  • The Exact offer that you need to make to your YouTube leads in order to get them to become buyers
  • The Exact positioning of your landing page, One Time Offer and your email follow ups in order to get the best response


Now what I am giving your here are REAL WORLD EXAMPLES and real scripting for you to use on your YouTube conversion pages in this course.

This will change your marketing FOREVER!


And here is what else you will discover....

  • The secret key ingredient that has to be in aligment with your advert, your squeeze page, landing page, your content and your campaigns (and even the product that you will offer your YouTube Leads!)
  • EXACTLY what you should offer to your YouTube visitors so they will make a PURCHASE!
  • How to discover exactly what they actually want to buy
  • How to put your campaign together after the first interaction and what to put into the campaign
  • Exactly what to say in the whole of your selling campaign and exactly what emails you need to include
  • Exactly what key questions you have to ask in your prospect survey in order to massively increase response
  • Exactly what you can do to build organic traffic to your YouTube channel
  • The secret hidden key to mastering paid for YouTube adverts and what are the adverts that will get you traffic that constantly converts into buyers!

And You Will Also Discover....

  • The format to use on your YouTube videos, and my thoughts about PowerPoint presentations for your videos
  • Exactly how to generate 100 niche specific YouTube topics in just 20 mins or under!
  • The definitive Ten Day Email Campaign that you simply have to use that will have your YouTube leads buying before day 10!

And much more!  These ideas are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Now this is powerful stuff, and it's going to literally change the way you do You Tube, and how you get organic traffic. If you've been having a hard time of it, then this training is really going to change things for you! And what's more it's BRAND NEW! I've only just recorded it, and it is absolutely packed with easy to implement strategies that you can use RIGHT AWAY!

Now with the exclusive contents of this training I could easily ask $97.00 a pop for it, but right now, today, as an introductory offer I am running this offer at just $17.00!

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Sean Mize & Max Loaded

Sean Mize, Internet Marketer

I know you are going to get very excited when you start to listen to this training audio, and you realise that you can make a big difference with your online business, very quickly!

Trevor C, Internet Marketer

I am delighted to be working with Sean on this product.  I listened to it in the car, and had to pull over to start taking notes!  You will be gobsmacked with the content that Sean gives away here.  I think he is slightly crazy to 'give' it away at this price, but you should take full advantage while you can!